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Permits and Regulations

The season is here when we all want to have work completed in and around our homes to make improvements. It is very important that everyone follow the requirements regarding permits and regulations to conduct the work. Knowing and having the appropriate permits will ensure the work meets city requirements and prevent problems for you later.

Please refer to the following link regarding required permits and if you have any questions please call 311 for clarification.,78651572&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL



Parking on our streets continue to be a major problem and it is getting worse every day. An increased number of cars continue to block driveways, block intersections/sidewalks or park on corners making it difficult to maneuver around them safely.

I have been unsuccessful (but still trying) to reach a person responsible for parking enforcement for the area. Until I am successful to improve parking patrol on the street there are steps each of us can take.

  1. If you observe illegally parked vehicles call 514-280-2222, provide make of car and license plate number. The parking enforcement officers are very willing to respond to calls and issue tickets
  2. If you call because your driveway is blocked or partially blocked you must be home when the enforcement office arrives. This is to ensure that the car is not someone visiting your home
  3. If the vehicle is blocking your driveway and you are not able to leave or access your driveway the car will be towed away. Again, you must be home to verify that the car is not someone visiting
  4. You do not have to be home for cars reported illegally parked in designated “parking permit” locations, parked on corners or blocking intersections/sidewalks

I hope that I will be successful in trying to take a more proactive approach with the city however until then each of us will need to call for parking enforcement. If we don’t call and take action the problem will only get worse. Today a number of cars were ticketed and one car towed on the street based on calling parking enforcement.

Remember: 514-280-2222

Good luck!

Attention Dog Owners


Although the majority of pet owners are responsible it is important to remind everyone of the regulations in Ville-Marie in regards to owning a pet. These regulations are in place for health and safety as well as respect to other citizens. We all want to enjoy our pets but we must be aware of the regulations and abide by them.


· All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times unless in a dedicated dog park

· All dog owners must pick-up after their pets

· At all times dog owners must have a bag with them to pick up after the dog. You may be stopped and asked to provide a bag by an inspector

· All dogs must have a tag/permit issued by the city. Details where you can pick-up the tag is attached

· Dogs are not permitted in children’s playgrounds at any time

A breach of any of the regulations may result in a $ 100 to $ 300 fine for each offence and as much as $500 to $1,000 fine for each offence in the case of second offense. The canine patrol officer or police officers can issue these tickets.

Due to the growing number of complaints there will be increased surveillance by the Canine Patrol as well as the police in the area and tickets issued as required.

For complete details on animal regulations please visit:

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Montreal moves to eliminate all fireplaces within city limits

canstock8527872Throwing a log on an open fire will soon become a thing of the past in the city of Montreal if councillors have their way.

Earlier this year, in a decision that did not come under much scrutiny, Montreal’s Executive Committee ordered the elimination of all wood-burning fireplaces by Dec. 31, 2020.

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Dog Patrol / Enforcement

pick-upDuring our residents meeting there was discussion regarding dog enforcement in the neighbourhood, in particular dog owners who refuse to clean up after their animals. Some of the pathways in the area are becoming terribly soiled by this unhealthy practice.

If anyone has any concerns or wish to file a complaint about anyone not cleaning up after their pets should call: 514-872-2659.

Parking Enforcement

no-parking During our meeting it was mentioned that parking is again becoming a problem on the street.  This will continue to get worse as parking becomes more limited due to snow.

If you notice  vehicles parked illegally or blocking your driveway please call the parking enforcement to have them ticket the vehicle.  The parking enforcement people are usually quick and pleased to help.

The number to call is: 514-280-2222