Parking on our streets continue to be a major problem and it is getting worse every day. An increased number of cars continue to block driveways, block intersections/sidewalks or park on corners making it difficult to maneuver around them safely.

I have been unsuccessful (but still trying) to reach a person responsible for parking enforcement for the area. Until I am successful to improve parking patrol on the street there are steps each of us can take.

  1. If you observe illegally parked vehicles call 514-280-2222, provide make of car and license plate number. The parking enforcement officers are very willing to respond to calls and issue tickets
  2. If you call because your driveway is blocked or partially blocked you must be home when the enforcement office arrives. This is to ensure that the car is not someone visiting your home
  3. If the vehicle is blocking your driveway and you are not able to leave or access your driveway the car will be towed away. Again, you must be home to verify that the car is not someone visiting
  4. You do not have to be home for cars reported illegally parked in designated “parking permit” locations, parked on corners or blocking intersections/sidewalks

I hope that I will be successful in trying to take a more proactive approach with the city however until then each of us will need to call for parking enforcement. If we don’t call and take action the problem will only get worse. Today a number of cars were ticketed and one car towed on the street based on calling parking enforcement.

Remember: 514-280-2222

Good luck!

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