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Construction of affordable housing

coop 1As some of you may be aware a proposal has been put forward by the CDH group to build an affordable housing project on the corner of de la Montagne and St. Jacques.  The proposal is in it’s very early stages and for the moment there is no time frame for the project.  What I have been told is the following:

- The CDH group helps the Cooperative its 10 floors for 88 housing project for families.
- There will be social housing and affordable housing.
- I am told that the Cooperative and the CDH group will organize a meeting with the community when the project will be presented.
- I am told that the gardens will not be affected by the project. They all will be protected and that gardeners can access easily.
- For the moment the Borough of Ville-Marie has not yet received project for study and analysis.
- The project must be consistent with municipal and zoning for approval by the Council of the Borough of Ville-Marie.
- For the moment there is no time frame for the project.
- The following picture illustrates the space that is proposed for the project:

As more information becomes available and dates have been communicated regarding meeting with the community I will advise everyone.  I would welcome any comments you may have regarding the project.